FanCraze — Badges Launch, Next Pack Drop Info, and Recommended Viewing

Hi all 👋

Welcome back! Few things to cover today:

  • Key FanCraze Dates for everyone to know in February
  • Catch up on Badge roll out / launch
  • Some more Recommended Crixket Viewing

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Key FanCraze Drop Dates For Feb ‘22

New drop confirmed for Feb! No nonsense intro here, you NEED to know these dates ahead of upcoming drops — these are all the details we have as of Feb 19th

  • Next FanCraze Pack Drop — Monday Feb 28th 2022 — 12pm UTC
  • More Details on this Drop — Wednesday Feb 23rd 2022 — 12pm UTC

Details we expect to receive on the 23rd are — List of Players, Rarity of Moments, Pack Pricing, and Queue Dynamics.

Whilst I’m excited to see the new players / price of pack — the one that intrigues me the most is the details on QUEUE DYNAMICS.

There were obviously some significant issues with the first releases (as one would expect in the first drop of a Beta product) — aside from a correction on those, it will be interesting to see if active buyers in the market, folks expanding or holdIng their collections since launch, will be considered in those “Queue dynamic” updates. Personally I think it’s too early for that, but one to watch.

Not sure what I mean? Go to my blog here and check out the FanCraze XP section on Utility.

Badges Launch!

We finally got our badges on FanCraze today, and I think they look great. 👏👏

Although we knew the moments that would get badges already, there is still something exciting about seeing them on the moments.

I saw this quick breakdown image on Discord which has a nice overview of what each badge icon represents (shout out to cruvypi for posting this nice little summary)

Check out my last blog for my thoughts on how the value of moments will impact things longer term, as well as the list of players with badges — here.

As I said on Twitter my only gripe with the badges are:

  • World Cup Final and World Cup Semi Final badges — These icons look more prestigious to me than the actual World Cup Champions badges — I actually confused them on first glance. This is very minor, everyone’s a critic these days…. I’ll get used to is after a while
  • The World Cup Final and World Cup Semi finals badges, in my eyes, don’t really mean a lot in isolation — unless the actual moment from the player is memorable / iconic, then I think it’s a lesser standard of badge and the value is based more on the player and or play footage — My hope is that WC Final and Semi moments are limited to significant / memorable plays. We’ll keep an eye on this, and if utility plays a part here too

Otherwise — class job FanCraze. What badges are you seeking out?

New to Cricket Recommended Viewing

This is my second list of recommended viewing for newcomers to cricket but fans of NFTs

Live Cricket this week (w FanCraze Moments)

T20 Internationals

  • Sri Lanka v Australia — Feb 20th

AUS: Aaron Finch, Glenn Maxwell; SRL: None

  • West Indies v India — Feb 20th

IND: Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Yuzvendra Chahal; WIN: Nicholas Pooran, Sheldon Cottrell

  • India v Sri Lanka — Feb 24th

As above

Test Cricket

  • New Zealand v South Africa — Feb 24-Mar 1

SAF: Kagiso Rabada; NZL: None

Cricketing Documentary

The Edge — 2009

This follows the England cricket team between 2009 and 2013. Having been perennial underdogs for decades, England finally rose to the top of the word rankings for a consistent period of time covered in this doc. A brilliant watch, and gives a great insight into the toll on mental health and personal sacrifices to make it to the top of the game of cricket. Highly recommend and features players from current FanCraze moments (e.g Stuart Broad, James Anderson)

That’s all for today! See you soon on another blog as we get more info on the next drop!




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