Fan Craze — Update on Second Release

Ok — I have to leave for work in about 15 mins (the joys of an early morning FanCraze announcement). In this blog:

  • Breakdown of Moments by Event
  • Breakdown of Badges for moments (Excluding Player of the Match — that will take some more time)
  • Breakdown of the % of moments from the total Mint being released

This info has been gathered from the announcment on Discord today — thee have been minor mistakes in this doc in the past FYI — but this is what it looks like as of 7am my time on Feb 25th

Here we go — please follow me on Twitter (@ craigsnax)— I'm busting myself at 6am for this 🙏

Big Takeaways

  • The Sachin Tendulkar Legendary moment will be one of the most collectible moments we EVER see on this platform — As an individual player, there is probably no more sought after player (in terms of moments) than his
  • Glenn McGrath is the Badge King for this drop with 5 Badges
  • FanCraze have limited the # of moments from “historical World Cups” — (anything later than 2021) in this drop and I love that
  • There are a lot of T20 2021 WC moments — setting the scene for utility ahead of the 2022 T20 WC later this year 💪


Front Loaded 2021 T20 WC Moments — Utility Coming for T20 2022 WC?


Note — I have only checked the Player of the Match Badge for Sachin and McGrath, more are out there that i haven’t looked at.

EDIT — Zaheer Khan also has Golden Ball badge. Sehwag also has Champions badge.


The # / % of moments being released for each moment in the drop will factor into price post release on the MP

Green — more than 30% released in this drop

Orange — Between 30 and 20% released in this drop

Yellow — Less than 20% released in this drop

Ill be back later with more

Stay tuned




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